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You and your partner and your family evolves as the months and years pass by, but one thing remains the same - the unconditional love, the “we’ll get through anything” bond you share.

On a one-of-a-kind journey, let’s capture where your at this exact moment in time. All about the real feels and genuine smiles, we’ll dance and laugh as we capture candid shots that tell your story.

BYO pets and silly jokes, let’s make those memories tangible

Let's create something meaningful



Whether you’re shortlisting your all-time favourite photos for printing or wanting to share your day with family and friends, you’ll love having your very own password-protected gallery. Download all the high and low-res images from your session so you can access them anywhere and anytime!


From early morning sunrises to dancing under the stars, I’ll be right by your side, snappin’ all the big, small and in-between moments of your session. We'll even jump on a call to chat about how much coverage and time of day would suit you best! Each session includes a full gallery of 20+ images, GIF, and slideshow.


As your future BFF, I want to get to meet you and get to know you on a real level! Immediately connecting, we’ll have a laugh and chat about everything you’re planning so you can relax, knowing that I’ll have your back throughout our entire journey together. 

PRE-session chats


Sessions starting at $425


Remember when they finally asked you out on a first date? Floating on cloud nine, you felt like the giddy excitement and nerves would just about swallow you whole. Then days, weeks, months and years fly past, all blurring into one, and you can’t remember what life was like before them.

Between silly inside jokes, embarrassing pet names and weekend adventures, they’re YOUR person. In their arms, you feel safe. With their hand in yours, you feel at home. A beautiful collision of destinies, you feel like you’re starring in your very own rom-com. 

Engagement Session

I bet you two never get 'real' photos together. And you're probably adorable, but Hey!- you're not models and you're busy actually enjoying each other. No worries, let me take the photos for you! Whether it's a secret proposal, a yearly tradition, or an anniversary shoot I can't wait to meet you two! 

Couple's + Proposal Session

The small gestures your littles make, the way your partner looks at you, or the simple playfulness between siblings are some of my favourite shots to capture. These sessions can be as playful and casual as you’d like or if hoping for more formal shots for a specific purpose, we can mix those in with the fun! 

Family Lifestyle Session

Standing by their newly-assembled cot, holding a tiny onesie, you daydream about what the future has in store for you and your mini-me. Singing lullabies from your own childhood, you imagine their tiny fingers curling around yours. You’re dying to meet them, to kiss them hello for the first time.

Whether it’s your first babe or your third, I can’t imagine how over the moon you and your partner must be feeling right now. Congratulations, you lovely soon-to-be mama bear!! Feeling your growing belly for those little kicks, your body’s undergoing a beautiful transformation with each passing day. Perfect just the way you are, I’d be honoured to capture your maternity journey as you embark on this new chapter of your life. 

Maternity Lifestyle Session

Gently cradling them in your arms, a sleepy bundle of rosy cheeks and wispy hair, you feel unbelievably whole, bursting at the seams with love. They’re your future, your everything, and you’d do anything to make this moment last forever. 

But here’s the thing, your precious babe will only be little for so long… So, let’s capture you with your bundle of joy in this exact moment, right here, right now. And when nostalgia comes knocking, you’ll have beautiful photos and memories to hold onto in your heart forevermore. 

Newborn Lifestyle Session

First of all, let's not worry about the photoshoot. I promise you I will never leave you hanging. I will direct you and lead you all the time. My goal is to capture your true self and your real connection with each other. That said, I will help you to focus on each other and even to focus on your surroundings, rather than you staring at the camera. So be ready to be yourself and do you. I will capture all the genuine laughs, emotions, and movements that holds true to you.



WHAT TO EXPECT during your session

The more you move the better but I know movement is restricted when you are fully pregnant. So let's move as much as you can. All the photos will be different and natural when there's movement. If you are still, even if I take many photos, they will all look the same. So, let's have you two hold hands, walk, run, dance, and kiss


Don't feel awkward if I'm not telling you what to do. It means you are doing great and I don't want to break the connection you are having with each other. I'm also just getting different compositions and angles. So, just keep focusing on each other. Consider me invisible even when I have my camera so close to your faces.





 I take lots and lots of photos so don't feel obligated to look perfect in every photo. It's my job to go over them and pick the best ones. I also like to shoot in-between candid moments where you are just walking to next destination or helping each other. This is not about you looking perfect in the photos but about you connecting with each other and me capturing that real connection.



I live on the East Coast of Vancouver Island and love to shoot outdoor sessions on the surrounding beaches, amongst the old growth forests and a top mountains to capture you in our backyards beauty.

For newborn sessions I capture you in your home or on location at sunset. Outdoor newborn sessions are some of my favourites!


Outdoor sessions are held at either sunset or sunrise. I generally start these 60 minutes before the sun goes down. This is the best time of day to achieve the results you see in my portfolio. 

In home sessions take place when the light is best in your home.

Where do your sessions take place?

The West Coast is possibly the most unpredictable weather and the forecasts don't help much either, they seem to change by the hour!

I generally only cancel sessions if there is a pretty certain chance of consistent rain. I will keep in touch in the days preceding your session if it is looking like rain and then on the day we will chat through what to expect. I do love to embrace all weather, however, I also want you to feel comfortable during your sesison.

What if the weather looks marginal?

My style is documentary in nature with little posing; however, I will prompt and guide you to get the best out of our session. I like to sit back and observe and let the session flow, this is where I capture all those unique in between moments that make you you. 

I do my best to make sessions as fun and easy going as possible and always have tricks up my sleeve to keep young children engaged. Most of the time you will be tickling, hugging and just enjoying each other. It's in those moments of just being together that the magic happens. 

What is your approach?

Whether this is your first photoshoot or you’re a seasoned veteran, sometimes it’s difficult trying to figure out what to wear. 

If you’ve got a vision and you're eager to create that beautifully curated timeless photo — I’m happy to work with you to make your vision a reality, and one you can achieve regardless of your budget. Your wardrobe has the ability to ramp up (or down) your final product and it’s important you choose carefully. My quick and easy tip? As you prepare for your photoshoot, think about your style as being comfortable and easy for movement!

What should we wear?

I aim to have your completed digital gallery delivered to you within a 3 to 4 week time frame. More often than not I will have them delivered within a 2-3 week time frame.

When can we expect to receive our images?

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