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Pinch me..! I still can't believe I had the opportunity and pleasure to capture Cathy and Derek's stunning West Coast elopement! The West Coast is certainly a special place to many. Well, I know it is to me, but, especially to these two! Having taken their first vacation together to Ucluelet, BC in 2018 they just knew this is where they wanted to tie the...

Your personal collection of love-filled art, your photos aren’t just some pretty pictures. Encapsulating your best-ever memories, your photos are a passport for your future self to travel back in time - anywhere, anytime. 

Sending happy shivers down your spine, triggering a sniffly tear or two, it’s a beautiful blast from the past. Living life only once, your photos are your legacy, original and irreplaceable. 

That’s exactly why I’ll pour my heart and soul into creating a one-of-a-kind experience that does justice to your story. Annnddd by the end of it all, I’ll hang my hat on us becoming more than besties…we’ll feel just like family. Yep, you can rely on me and my trusty camera sticking around until our next celebration together.

it's your story

Capturing your most precious, heartfelt moments because your story matters.
I strive to capture classic portraits as well as tender, candid moments between your loved ones. I look for the little in-betweens and tiny details so that you can remember this exact chapter in your families life together.


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For the couples so deeply in love, the adventurous spirits, I'm here to celebrate the beauty of you. As much of a cliche it is, a photo really is worth a thousand words, and curating the images to write that part of your love story through imagery is what I'm here to do.

Because your love deserves to shown authentically and celebrated beautifully.

weddings + elopements

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your Vancouver Island Wedding and Lifestyle  photographer capturing the art in your moment